Galvanina served chilled
Here in Rimini, we tilt (don’t shake – it’s bubbly) the Galvanina bottle gently from side to side to revitalize the juicy pulp before pouring over ice and sharing with friends. Why not explore our Fresh Ideas for some quick inspiration around the delicious cocktails, mocktails and culinary treats you can make with Galvanina. Alla Salute!

Describing Galvanina to friends
Galvanina is a 100% natural and gently sparkling fruit drink, made from the finest handpicked organic fruit, blended carefully with our mineral-rich and beautifully bubbling spring water.

Where to find Galvanina
Galvanina is currently available at Waitrose and Selfridges. Visit a store today and experience our all-Italian, organic sparkling fruit drink.

An icon in the making – our bottle
Our beautiful, embossed glass bottle is 100% recyclable. Many Galvanina customers find the unique bottles so lovely to look at, they wash them and reuse them as dressing decanters, oil holders, candlesticks and even vases.

Nature provides everything we need
As a family run business based in Italy, we’ve always been fortunate enough to have exceptional ingredients right on our doorstep. We support organic farming because we know it makes our fruits even juicier and more delicious. We never put anything artificial into our drinks because we’re proudly 100% natural. Plus, our effervescent spring water is such a natural phenomenon, that we don’t want (or need) to tamper with it. All of our sparkling fruit drinks contain a maximum of 47 calories in every 100ml.

Around the world
Our beautiful sparkling fruit drinks are enjoyed across the globe, why not visit to find out more?

Get in touch
Call us on 01494 687900 or, for alternative ways to contact us, visit our Get In Touch page. We can’t wait to hear from you.