The 100% natural fruit drinks in our Collection are as beautiful on the inside as they’ll look on your table. Made from the finest organic fruit juices and naturally filtered, gently sparkling spring water, these delicious blends bring you a real taste of Italy, wherever you are in the world. Protected by our delicately embossed glassware, each bottle is a true example of our family’s dedication to beauty and craftsmanship. Whether single serve or sharing size, Galvanina makes an exquisite addition to picnics and dinner parties, and an indulgent treat just for you.

Sicilian Clementine Galvanina

Clementines are bright, fresh and vibrant fruits, boasting a distinct flavour rich in delicate honey and orange blossom notes. A real treat for the taste buds, Sicilian Clementine Galvanina uses only the juice of organic clementines grown in Sicily’s picturesque, traditional orchards. Warmed by the sun in the day and cooled by coastal winds at night, these beautifully sweet fruits combine with our gently sparkling spring waters for a drink that’s a 100% natural delight.

Serve Sicilian Clementine Galvanina as an indulgent afternoon treat with cake.

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Sicilian Lemon Galvanina

Refreshing and perfectly citrus sharp with delicious sherbet notes. Sicilian Lemon Galvanina is made to an old family recipe that uses only Mediterranean lemons, harvested by hand, from centuries-old citrus groves. These juicy organic fruits combine with our mineral-rich, gently bubbling spring water for a fresh and thirst-quenching drink, that dances between sweet and sour on the tongue.

Try Sicilian Lemon Galvanina over ice as a non-alcoholic aperitif.

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Sicilian Ruby Orange Galvanina

Sicilian Ruby Orange Galvanina is made using the juice and pulp of handpicked blood oranges that have ripened fully on the trees. Cool nights, hot days and organic farming methods give this rich, garnet-coloured fruit a natural sweetness and make it extra juicy. Zesty, fresh and sparkling on the tongue, this is an exceptional all-natural spritz.

Enjoy Sicilian Ruby Orange Galvanina over ice with a few freshly torn mint leaves.

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